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Drivers are the backbone of the trucking industry, without them the transportation will come to halt. The trucking industry, despite having a significant impact on the American economy, is sometimes overlooked. Essential goods and services – refrigerated food, medicines, equipment, it all depends on our truck drivers to transport it from one location to another all across the country. We get all our products from the local supermarket with such ease, all thanks to our drivers. Being one of the most valuable assets in the industry, drivers are collaborating to meet the supply and demand of every commodity. Truck drivers are responsible for 70% of all freight transported across the United States. With such huge pressure and responsibility of delivering goods, they also contribute highly to our country’s economy.

Fresno Truck Line respects and recognizes the hard work of the drivers. We are a reputable family owned trucking company with more than a decade of experience in the transportation business. We are built on the foundation of trust and honesty, our values make us one of the best trucking companies for new drivers in the industry. We take pride in providing the best of logistics solutions to our customers, attracting and retaining the best drivers in the industry.

We Have The Technology And Tools To Help You Succeed

Fresno Truck Line uses cutting-edge technologies to generate loads and build cost-effective logistical solutions for its customers. We are a professional company with years of experience in the trucking industry, we give our drivers the best pay they will find in the market.

Advance Your Career. Become A Truck Driver With Fresno Truck Line.

We offer numerous benefits and long hauls to new drivers to boost up their career for the future. We are one of the best trucking companies for new drivers in the industry. We give them the right start they deserve.

Choose Us For A Successful Future.

Fresno Truck Line has been in the transportation industry for many past years. We work with a lot of competent owner operators and experienced drivers. We offer competitive wages and long hauls transportation to drivers for a successful future in the industry.

Best Trucking Companies For New Drivers

Trucking is a demanding career that requires long hours and hardwork. We recognize and respect your abilities as a driver. We also understand your importance for the smooth operation of the trucking industry. We understand you have options. But trust us when we say we are one of the best paying trucking companies in the country. We can keep you moving and productive with a large network of freight throughout the United states. We also know that our success is dependent on yours. We rely on you to help us grow our company and service our consumers, and we treat you as such.


We are one of the best paying trucking companies in the industry you'll ever find. We make sure that our drivers get the benefits for their hard work and long hauls. We offer top pay and benefits to the drivers joining us.


We give our partnered drivers 24/7 communication and support. If they need help anytime, we will be there to help them out. We recognize the hard work our drivers do and we strive to be their backbone in the long hauls.


With years of experience in the trucking industry, we have established a successful network of clients all around the United States. We are always looking for new drivers to partner with us. Get in contact today for a better future.

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